Kershaw Camp Axe

When finding the right type of camp axe you need something that is durable, strong, and going to last you for many years. It wouldn’t make sense to spend $20 or more if you are going to have to replace it every year with something new. While there are many different types of camp axes that are durable they all have a hard time trying to compete with the Kershaw camp axe.

This type of camp axe is designed with a drop forged that is in a single piece. This is what makes it very sturdy and also reliable to use for many different things and uses. The drop forging is able to align and also stretch the grain structure of the metal to help improve its strength.

The handle is designed with a Krayton – which allows someone to have a secure grip on it. This avoid the dangers of their hands slipping on it easily during each swing making it safer to use. It also comes available with a sheath that is used to protect the blade and the person holding it when it is not being used.

This is one of the smaller types of camp axes that is only 11” long and weighs 14.5 ounces. This makes it lightweight and perfect for people who are backpacking, hiking, and trail camping. There are some axes that maybe considered small – but still seem to get in the way – but this one is able to be conveniently stored away until it is needed. It is also strong enough to split logs and cut down kindling for firewood.

The curved handle is unique to it and it part of the reason why consumers and campers love to use it. It help to give them a firm grip on the handle and to provide the maximum amount of strength during each swing. Because it is designed with drop forged steel it is nearly indestructible and with proper care is able to last for years.