Gerber Camp Axe

One of the great things about being able to choose the right camp axe is having a multitude of choices. You can choose ones that are large and small depending on what you will need it most for and the one you prefer the most. There are many different brands to choose from – but one that we found to be very good is the Gerber camp axe.

The Gerber camp axe is a very important piece of equipment to a camper or any person who does many things in the outdoors. It is one of the more unique types because of the way in which it was designed. It is given a full size hatchet head – but also a lightweight handle. The head of the axe is made with forged steel that has been tempered and is able to hold a superior cutting edge.

The handle of the axe is made with PolyamideT – which is a type of fiberglass that has been reinforced with polymer. This is considered one of the hardest materials used and also one of the hardest to break. The PolyamideT handle is molded around the axe head to make sure that it does not come loose or separate no matter how much use it receives.

It is perfect for anyone who goes rafting, kayaking, hunting, hiking, backpacking, and any other outdoor activity. This is not a very large camp axe – but is also not one of the smallest. It is 17.5” tall and weighs only 21.1 ounces. This makes it easy to carry around with you and perfect for cutting wood and shrubbery.

The edge of the blade is considered to be very fine – which makes it quite sharp. You should purchase a sheath to come with it. There are some sport and camping stores that will sell the Gerber camp axe with the sheath and others that sell it separately. This sheath is used to protect the person holding it if it should drop when not being used.