Coleman Camp Axe

There are many different types and brands of camp axes that we are able to choose from – but only you will be able to decide the one you think would work best for you. One of the most popular types if the Coleman camp axe. This is a smaller camp axe that is designed with a drop forged carbon steel axe head that makes it quite sharp.

The handle is designed with a forged steel handle that has been covered with an ergonomic grip. This type of handle makes it easy for people to hold on to it without losing their grip. It can be very dangerous to lose your grip while trying to cut through something because it can injure you or someone around you.

This type of axe is built to be very simple and to cut pieces of wood that have already been chopped into smaller pieces so that they are easy to take back to the campsite and leave room for more firewood. It is also able to cut up smaller branches when you need kindling for the fire. Because it is smaller and durable it can also be used for other tasks.

Many campers are only able to bring a select things with them so that they are not burdened down by anything when they are walking or hiking. This means that they are only able to bring the most important items that can help. This smaller axe is very convenient not only for firewood – but also to hammer in tent stakes.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle and the way that it is designed the shock is absorbed through the handle and works like a hammer. Many people are afraid that this might break it – but it is actually very strong and durable. When used wisely this affordable axe will last you for many years.