Buck Camp Axe

Sometimes when we need a good camp axe we need to be able to find something that is strong and going to last us for many years. This means that it has to be able to withstand anything that might come its way. One of the most durable types that we have seen is the Buck camp axe.

This type of camp axe is designed with an ergonomic head weighted hatchet that is 3” of forged, powder coated high carbon steel. The handle has been designed with an ergonomic shaped high impact handle that comes in a variety of different colors for the camper who loves to stay connected and show off their favorite colors.

This is considered to be one of the shorter types of camp axes that are on the market. It is only 12 ¼” long and weighs around 17.2 ounces. Although it is on the heavy side it is still rather easy to carry around with the rest of your camping gear. It is strong to cut through wood and gives you a quick and easy way to go into the woods and cut up kindling and firewood for that bonfire your family wants.

Buck is a well respected company that understands the need for people to be safe when using this type of product. That is why this particular product comes is sold with a molded nylon sheath. This is a necessary protection that is needed when it is not being used.

Another great advantage to using the Buck camp axe is how durable it is. Consumers are impressed with the way it is designed and how it is able to absorb the shock of each blow you make. When used properly this particular type is able to be used for many years.